Knowing where to begin

We know it's a minefield out there when it comes to buying high quality reproduction furniture. With many online retailers offering pieces at vastly differing prices, it's tough knowing where to begin. That's why we're always happy to explain things over the phone. So if you have any questions, please feel free to call us 0844 88 44 939 or 00 44 (0)207 965 7595 from outside the UK. In the meantime, we hope our buyers guide below will make things a little clearer for you...


1. Find Out Who You Are Buying From

A Simple Checklist

This may seem obvious, but when buying a quality reproduction classic you want it to look great and last. A five or ten year warranty is meaningless if the company you purchase from intends not to be around to honour it, only to relaunch under a different name. Make sure you are buying from an established supplier.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. We're always happy to answer any questions you may have about ourselves and the furniture we sell. All our staff are incredibly knowledgable about Eames furniture because we're passionate about the products we sell.

Whether you're familiar with reproduction furniture or buying for a business or friend, we would be delighted to explain in detail the differences (there are many) between our high quality products and the cheap (but never cheerful) copies which abound the marketplace.

We're based in the UK and the continued success of our business is founded a very simple philosophy; to provide you with Eames reproductions of the highest possible quality and value. It's a formula that works splendidly, as attested to by the many testimonials we recieve from our delighted customers.

Can you contact the company by phone?

Call us on 0844 88 44 939 / 0044 (0)207 965 7595

Can the staff answer your questions fully?

Contact us anytime with your questions

Is the company truly based in the UK?

We are truly based in the UK

2. Materials & Manufacture?

Our furniture is manufactured under western supervision in the far east, following a strict code of ethics and quality control. Labour costs are simply cheaper there. This allows us to keep our prices competitive and pass these savings on to you. However, all our furniture is then hand finished in the UK ensuring the highest quality standards.

So how does this differ from the cheap copies on the market? Our materials are sourced worldwide, the leather used in our Eames Inspired Lounge Chairs and our office chairs, for example, is imported from Italy. Cheap copies are usually made using PU / leather match / leatherette / bonded leather/ faux Leather or any of the other various names used to describe a material that is very definitely not real leather!

Cheap copies are also made using inferior metals, plastics and other sub sub-standard material. Plus, the build quality & finishing is nothing short of appalling and quite often dangerous.


In addition to our international quality control checks, our furniture is inspected again upon arrival in the UK. We check to ensure nothing has been damaged during transit and then hand finish each item, carefully repackaging each chair for delivery to you. We also employ our own team of UK fabricators and upholsterers, who supply to Harrods of London no less! This allows us to offer bespoke finishing on each and every chair we sell. Our Eames Inspired Lounge Chairs, for example, are all hand assembled and finished in the UK, combining your chosen veneer with the leather upholstery of your choice and the classic black or special edition polished aluminium base.

Please don't be fooled by companies using Italian sounding names to market their furniture, or claiming that their furniture is made in Italy. Chances are the furniture has been imported into Italy from China and then passed off as being made in Italy.

Is the furniture fire and safety compliant?

Ours is. Your safety is important to us.

3. Is What You See What You Get?

They say a picture paints a thousand words. True? Let's hope then, that the pictures you are seeing are that of the product you are purchasing. How can you be sure that the image you are seeing on screen is the product you are going to receive once your purchase has been made? We've come across this many a time - online retailers stealing images from elsewhere on the internet and passing the products off as their own.

Please take your time to brows the images featured on this site. These are images of our products taken by our own photographer. They give you a true representation of colour and also allow you to see the quality of our Eames Inspired furniture for yourself. We've covered every angle from the underneath of an Eames Inspired Dining Chair to the castors on our Office range. After all - our website is our shopfront and we believe this is the most effective way to do our Eames Inspired furniture justice.

If there's an angle or a close up image you would like to see in a higher resolution - just ask! We have hundreds of images to illustrate the beauty of our products to you.

5. The Difference Is In The Detail

Pointing out all the detailed differences between our Eames Inspired Furniture and cheap copies would take an age in print! There are so many things to consider that it's sometimes easier to explain in a conversation. If you'd like to speak to us please call 0844 88 44 939.

6. Six Simple Signs To Look Out For Before Buying A Reproduction Eames Lounge chair

Are The Buttons The Correct Size?

Many cheap copies of the Eames Lounge chair feature incorrectly sized buttons, sometimes even in the wrong places. Our Loungers feature the correctly sized button iin the right places, plus, again they are made of leather, not some poor substitute.

In Short, No Better Quality for Less - Guaranteed

Having gained a thorough knowledge and experience of the production processes, we have verified for ourselves that it is not possible to produce such high quality reproductions for less. And because we know this, we are able to make to the confident assertion that you will not find better quality reproduction Eames chairs for less anywhere else. We guarantee it!

The leather, the stainless steel, the aluminium, the chrome, the wood, the plastics, the foam, the buttons, the stitching, the mechanisms, etc, etc. Combine the finest of these materials with the detailed design specs and time-consuming craftsmanship that goes into producing each and every one of our Eames inspired creations, and you will understand why it is that our products are second to none.

As Eames devotees, we take the same ardent view as many of our clients - that these iconic classics and their co-creators, Charles and Ray Eames, deserve our admiration and respect in equal measure. And that means only concerning our respective selves with high quality reproductions that adhere to this ethos.

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